Lost And Found ( Not the same )

The day before I was going through my college snaps and there was this picture of me reading a book at 3 in the morning. I started thinking that is the time where I was into the reading so deeply into it. And now I hardly have time to read and half the time I fall asleep when I started reading, I was wondering within a few years how habits change and once my favorite past time was not my favorite anymore. But I do some useful stuff these days started learning Guitar, slowly decorating my place with the ideas I saw and love from movies and the places I have been.

And one thing is for sure when you start doing the things you love chuck out the part where you will think about what others say (cos from my experience what others said doesn’t count to at all) you will really feel something great. Rite now there are two things I loooooove doing Playing guitar (which I’ll completely lose track of time unknowingly) and the other is redecorating my place(as I have imagined it in my mind every time I visit some place). As times pass by some habits are lost and a new one is acquired. So stop thinking whether you can be successful if you do the stuff you love. The only thing you should be considering is DO I LOVE DOING THAT??? Then there’s no stopping, life’s too short for a perfect ending.

Welcome Post !!

Its been so long that I have even thought of writing most of the times I’ll start writing and half way through I’ll question myself is this the right topic to start writing on and once I start asking myself any question then its most definitely DONE, having myself drafted quite a lot of posts now I decided to write fresh and DO the stuff which I have always loved to do..

Having got myself into the corporate world I’m going through a lot of changes new life style, friends at work, Bachelors life Hot smile yeah and a whole bunch of things that you can think of which can surround a newbie to the corporate world. And at times I’m proud of myself at how well I’m coping up with the big boys around and not allowing anything to get into my head. So taking this as my welcome drink here I go into my favorite world, you will have a variety of posts to read from on TRUST ME on this..And of course Merry X-Mas,Will catch up in a short while Fingers crossed

It's Google again !!!

Guess what, here i'm surfing the net as usual when i hit the Google page i was kinda surprised by a weird looking doodle ( Google's term for its unique logos indicating a celebration for a particular day ). Forgetting the purpose why i went for that page i started exploring what it was and found out the following

 >> This logo is playable, yep you can play the game in real time !!
 >> This logo is the unique of its kind and its the first time Google comes up with this kind of logo !!
 >> This is for the 30th birthday of PAC MAN game created by NAMCO-BANDAI !!
 >> Guess wot this is not just a logo, this is full 255 level game, as in a typical coin-op !!
 >> This interactive doodle is the work of Marcin Wichary and Google Doodler Ryan germick !!

This is awesome rite, a real time game in a search page !! Learnt one thing today there is a position in Google Inc just for designing these doodles. I just can't imagine, how lucky these guys are !!!

Tour Diary Part-III

Well it’s been really long since I have written a travel post, yep but I haven’t gone completely off the hook because I’m back with a superb place that should give you a nice time if you are looking for a place to cool off and enjoy the hot summer days. Let me start with the name of the place its Thengumaratha a place in the Tamilnadu – Karnataka border near sathyamangalam, actually we got the idea of visiting this place only after reading a post titled HOW TO TRAVEL MORE WITH LESS in the famous Zen habits blog. Well now you too should have started thinking about the places nearby, let’s get back to Thengumaratha now!!! Since the place has been announced as a forest area there are no roads and they neither allow two wheelers to use the area, the only means of transport in that area is small load vans, so we started our travel at the dawn to catch up with the wild background, as the road was bumpy we took it slowly and I should say we could have spotted at least a dozen spotted deer’s, man it was such an awesome scene I have ever seen they were all running as groups and it was so beautiful!!!DSC03635

Then we crossed some four shallow waters and when we were nearing our destination we spotted some wild hogs, completely mesmerized by the wildly surrounding we finally reached the destination. Surrounded by densely grown tall trees there was our spot all I heard when I stepped out of the vehicle was sound of water gushing so wildly from a big rock at a distance,DSC03639 then the next thing I noticed is there was an island between me and the place where water is gushing so wildly, I hope you have got the idea where I was standing. Completely mesmerized by the scenic background unfolding in front me I stood there for a few minutes and then slowly moved into the water to reach the island, the water was so cold and it felt so good on that sunny day. When I stood in the water for a few minutes I realized small fishes were biting my foot, everything was exactly picture perfect and I have never expected I’ll experience all this in one day, then we reached the island and it was superb with water running wildly around it and we were there standing in the middle of it. Finally we reached the big rock from which the water was coming out so wildly, we then enjoyed the rest of the day having fun in the after all you won’t be able to find that amount to water to play with every day rite!!! We arranged a separate catering group to prepare food using stuff that is available around that place, we then had our lunch in the island. It was one of the best places I have been to, I would suggest a visit in the summer season as best for that place. We ended the trip with a group picture with my favorite island as the backdrop, as for now the tour diary ends but I hope the next place will be much more exciting and adventurous !!!!

Spread the word!!! Save a Life!!!

“Maturity is not when we start speaking BIG things, but it is    When we start understanding SMALL things”

Helping Hand

In this fast moving and completely industrialized world not only is the technology is developing but along with that diseases are also on the raise lots and lots of it, some are new without cure and the other are old ones with medicines to cure. But the problem here is people don’t have the facility to do that because they can’t afford such high cost surgeries and medicines. In order to avoid such conditions almost all major health care organizations are doing their part in philanthropy, on this accord I have found that two major health organizations in south India are doing their part to help out people in need. First is Meenakshi Mission Hospitals is organizing a “Dinner With Celebrity – Sneha” a fundraiser for CANCER patients, the ticket denominations are Rs 200 and Rs 500 and it is on April 10th, the tickets are available in all shops in Madurai where the hospital is located.

The other one is Vadamalayan Hospitals have started programme in which you can give the old newspapers in your home to the hospital, they will use the money out of it for helping heart patients in whichever way possible. So all you should have is a kind heart and willingness to help people, god has blessed us with good health not only to enjoy life but also to help other people who are in need of care. I have started my part with this post to spread this mission, I hope you too will do something towards this situation and let’s make the people and world around us a little more healthier !!!

Satellite TV what is the real purpose???

Satellite TV

Hi everyone this post I'm writing after much thought, let me come straight to the point  if you are residing in TamilNadu and a regular traveler who uses the state transport buses then I'm sure you should have noted the new addition in the buses “A SATELLITE TV” which is displayed in a LCD screen. It displays a uniform program all over the state buses in TamilNadu, but I really couldn’t find any purpose in this setup I mean its just the same old stuff a mixture of old and new songs and a good amount time for advertisements. The bus itself is not in good condition but they have this system installed in it. I would rather prefer to improve the quality of  bus standards and consider in improving the customer satisfaction, look out everyone of the people out there is having a mobile phone, mp3 player or their own means of entertainment, so why is this system a necessary one??? Rather investing such a huge amount of money in a useless thing the people in state transport can think of something  to improve the feel of people using the service. Lets Hope this falls in the ears of the people involved !!!

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Is there a Perfect Start.

What will you do when you rejoin with your loved ones after a big fight or lets say a disagreement in a situation most of us, if you are like me ask for an apology saying that “This will never happen again and lets start over again without brooding over the past, and this time it will be a Perfect start without any problems”. The problem here is still we don’t understand the realm of life and the lessons it is trying to teach us, to put it simply there --never is a perfect start-- all of us if we make a mistake think that we can start all over again freshly and avoid the problems we faced last time but the reality is even though if we get through the problem we faced last time there will arise a new problem, you can’t go for it all over again. So all we have to understand here is there isn’t a perfect start if you are looking for one, learn from the mistakes but don’t start all over again you will end up learning nothing and if this thing happens in a relationship you will end up as a loner, in a business environment you will be called an Arrogant fellow, in student community you will be bannered as a Loser. Experience comes from some of these little things that happens in all our day to day lives I mean everyone of us fights with our loved ones and end up thinking who is the bad one here, so all we have to do is quickly understand these little lessons which life is trying to teach us and move forward and have a happy life, after all we don’t know which breath of ours is a last one….

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A Far Cry 4 Our Tigers!!!

Whoever is kind to the creatures of GOD, Is kind to himself--The Holy Prophet

1411 is the number of tigers alive in India at this moment, our national animal is becoming extinct and if this rate continues we will be showing our national animal in pictures only to the coming generation people!!! So for this AIRCEL has started an initiative to spread awareness of this to be extinct animal, featuring stars like M.S.Dhoni, Baichang Bhutia and actor Surya they have even started a website called Tiger-blog


This is a welcome one but all on a sudden where did they get the enlightment  to come up with this??? The answer is quite simple this is the new trend in advertising, well if you watch out all of us becoming aware of the fact like global warming and trying desperately to do our share to protect the environment, big players quickly catch on to this fever and come up with advertisements that are mainly themed around GO GREEN, to list a few Idea, Nokia, Videocon, Philips….and lots. Anyway what ever their aim be lets thank them and start doing our part there’s not only tigers which are becoming extinct in India almost all the animals are, so lets pay a visit to the nearest animal park and make a small donation towards the protection of these creatures which are on their way towards becoming extinct. Lets Roar.

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The Old Man And His God-Discovering The Spirit Of India.

“Every saint has a PAST  &  Every sinner has a FUTURE”   

I have read this book only a few weeks ago but the moment I completed its been like an urge inside me to post my view here.


So lets start first with the author SUDHA MURTHY who is heading the Infosys Foundation has been into a lot of social work for a long time. The word “Social work” may seem a lot simpler on the outside but man there is more in it to be a true social worker like Ms.Sudha Murthy here, and this book reveals a few of the encounters she had while extending her hand for helping people. This book has a simple collection of stories, so realistically narrated, that it keeps the flow on. Similar to Wise and Otherwise, this book talks about different stories of different people at different times. They are incidents of day today life, Something that even you and I may come across. The multi dimensional and single purposed human mind that comments on people like her makes me feel bad on one side but on the other it helps you to identify and stand as a distinction between a normal man and a social worker, who takes in all the humiliation and goes on helping till the end. If you want to what it really feels like to be a true social worker read this book, I will say this is a should read book. You will understand when you go through those pages. It has already hit the stores and is making its way towards the best sellers list, this book truly is a simple revelation of those events from her heart. Simply this book is a wonderful read.    

Excuse me !!!

It’s been a while since my last post and there has been a lot of changes I have made since then, let me start with some positive ones

* I have read some good books and an equal amount of blogs .

* For the first time, I have set some clear goals for this special year and the best part is I have successfully started working towards it.

* I can’t hide the enjoyment when i saw my IndiRank has  increased :-D, but again coz of the long I’m back to where I have started :-(

* A lot of people congratulated for my last post, which one of the main reasons I have planned take blogging as habit from this year.

With these small points of excuse, I’m announcing my return into posting [tat tat da]. Obviously I have a lot to share with you so you guys can expect a constant flow of posts from now. Lets post.

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Have You Understood Life ???

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware--Henry Miller

Everyone has a different view about life and the way they want to live it up, the things they want to achieve and all that.Once we are off after a splendid start  “Did I take the right choice in life” is the most basic question that strikes everyone of us, but before thinking about whether the choice is right or wrong we should review the basics of life “What is the key to life??”. If we  understand the answer to this basic question, Life becomes much less complicated then we think it is. The answer to this is clearly stated in this picture which means a lot with a very simple explanation.  Think about it.                 Excellent quote

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The Power Of Less

The Power Of Less

I’m really impressed by this book actually the books we read will be a novel sometimes an autobiography and some time a guide to a healthy life or even a book that help you achieve something by following the given steps but this is really different. Leo here tells exactly what most of us do ( for me its exactly what I have been doing ) and where we all stumble upon and in our way to success none of us realize that we have been travelling on the right path. In this book he tells about how simple habits can be a life changing strategy and more over helps us achieve what we want!! The best part I loved in the book is “SAYING NO” to others commitments so that you can pursue on your own dreams we don’t actually realize that these small commitments that people around as asks for piles up into a big one and stands in the way of want we have been longing to achieve. There is a lot more than just a pile of words this really works and I’m sure this book is for everyone who is out there who wants to enjoy their life with the Power Of Less.

Google Doodle Competition

Today when I was surfing my way through Google I found the Google doodle being changed being a fan of those little pictures containing facts I checked out and it turned out to be the  most interesting thing. Here we go, For this children’s day Google has done a great job by igniting young minds and helped them bring out their artistic talent and expose it to the whole world. I’m really amazed by those creations each one unique in its own way and depicting the Indian culture. Hats off to Google for helping in bringing out those budding artists. Here are some pictures.

1. This is the doodle which is currently displayed in Google webpage created by 4th grader PURU PRATAP SINGH


2. This one is by REVATHI.V studying Xth standard


3. This to my wonder is drawn by TANUSHRI TRIPATHI from Jamshedpur doing 3 grade.


you can view the rest in this URL DOODLE 4 GOOGLE.

A Little Thought On Library Day

KNOWN is a drop, unknown is a ocean

To Know that drop start reading!!! Untitled

Well If someone asks me when did you start reading I would say a few years back, Yes only a few years before I have started reading books on my own conscience and then only I came to know about the real taste it carries with and the immense enjoyment I got after completing my first book within a month or so. I don’t regret for starting at such a late time because most of the people around me haven’t even started reading on their own conscience. All we do is that we memorize the text given to us in our syllabus which happens during our school time and in college we try to understand the concept which for half of us eventually leads to the same process of memorizing. Seriously the information you gather when you read a book by your own willingness is vast and infinite. Whatever the book maybe just start, I’m not saying that you have to start with Encyclopedia Britannica's twenty volume just start with a novel which is at the reach of your hand. Then you will understand the power of reading for me reading helped me to concentrate on the work at hand, gives me a peaceful mind, helped me to know where today’s billionaire’s and renowned people came from, inculcate a lot good habits, helps develop a nice character. The above said is for me and its different for lots of people. This is just a small look back on the celebrations around me for the coming Library day in my campus.

So what are you waiting for look around for the one to start with, My wishes :)

Wanna Be A Mozilla Campus Rep???

I hope everyone of you have heard about the Mozilla campus representative program, In order to increase the number of users of Firefox and to spread Firefox among schools and colleges they have started this Initiative. All you have to do is just spread the word about Firefox between your friends in the campus and be a proud campus representative.Just register yourself and then you will be provided with a swag pack with badges, stickers, tags and T-shirts then you can start the campaign with those things. Swag Pack

Its cool right that's why I have joined it too, Now I am also a Campus rep of our college.So do you want to be a Campus Representative here is the link Register Here.

Just Turned 10


I’m extremely happy because I have turned 10, well not me but my blog posts. In a place where I was left alone having come this long itself seems to be a small achievement for me. I hope these 10 posts gives a rough sketch about me. Anyway nothing more its time to have a small celebration :)

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Most of us have heard that Microsoft office 2010 is out for a technical preview if you want to check out the cool environment of office here we go…having downloaded the software for myself, I have been using Office 2010 for the past one month well technically it is called as MICROSOFT OFFICE MONDO 2010.It’s been updated with everything you need have during the time you spend in a document. Firstly it has been built with a elegant design uncluttered from unnecessary stuff. Mondo on the whole comes with Access, Excel, Designer, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, publisher, SharePoint Workspace, Visio and finally with Word. Some of the features included are TRANSLATE option,translator 

you can even load a complete document and then select the translate document to any language you wish,within seconds you will find the text in that language. If you wish to attach screenshot of the page you are working on you don’t have to go searching for a separate software there’s a screenshot option provided for you.screenshot1 There is lot more in the new version of office 2010, just download it make your lot more simpler. There is also a problem going on in the background that Microsoft has been banned from selling Word, since word can open XML format documents. This is a case filed by i4i a content solution and Technology company, and i4i won that the verdict is as follows, “On May 20th 2009, Judge Davis and his court's jury ruled that Microsoft is banned from selling any Microsoft Word products and it owed i4i a $200 million”.

Lets see if this can stop Microsoft from selling its well known Word.

Expression Of Love

After a really tight week I'm back now(I'm free now) and I had a mixed kind of experience from the past week, I have done a lot of useful things read lot of books spent a great amount of time with friends usually I used to hang around with my laptop but i have changed my habit. Well I have spent the last two days thinking about the topic for this post and I had been presented with an excellent one. 3754262167_55260bf21eHere we go I watched one of my junior having a nice time with his family a bunch of people came by to visit him (most of us know that it is one of the traditional customs in India to visit their children in their college) and the whole family was completely enjoying the time with their son or grandson or whatever relation it may be everyone hugged him asked about his college affairs his health and started sharing their family affairs even the small child in the family where playing happily nearby everyone is laughing and and the whole place is filled with an enthusiastic look, everyone expressing their true love and having a look at them itself made me feel delighted by their love and how much they have missed their little buddy from home. well after some time he took the whole family on a tour around the campus. well actually there where lot of other families and I felt really surprised how did I miss this thing in the previous three years of my study I have seen it a lot of times before but today only I have noticed it with such an insight, there is always a different point of view in each and everything we see. The next I did sorry doing is writing this post....

One more thing I want to share at this is moment is that I have asked my friends and friends and friends of friends to have a look at my blog and share their views about my blog. I'm extremely delighted by their response and suggestions. I have planned to do a great job back here with my blog in the years and months that follow. Thanks a lot guys for all your support.

Trekkers Destination

Hello everyone trekking is not an easy task, if you hear someone say that it is a complete lie, and I have discovered this after trekking on the Yercaud hills this weekend, I don’t think all of us know that there is a hilly way especially for trekkers to reach yercaud town. Well there is this way and if you want to shed down some sweat out of your body then you sure have to take this one.

The total distance is around 12 kilo meters roughly, as you all know you have to take your basic trekking kit, if you need you can also take a forest officer with you or some local guides. Now about my trekking experience, we have started at around 8 in the morning no need to mention the fact that it is not the best time for trekking, well we have planned to start at 6 but due to Gods gift of  undisturbed sleeping our plan has been changed, coming back after having our backpacks filled with food, water and first aid kits we have started and it seemed to be a normal road but then it started to ascend and my friends are all started asking for a stop but having made up our mind to stop after covering half of the distance we have continued on our trekking , to be frank I was completely exhausted within 20 minutes of the start and thanks to Glucose (My Life Saver) which saved my day by providing sudden boost up when I started to go down on energy. On the way there’s not much of animals you can find but a good place for photography you will find stunning sites surrounded by hills, Unfortunately I have missed my cam so I was unable to provide you with some visual treat of my trekking experience.After reaching half of the distance we had our break fast in the middle of a bamboo forest on the ascending hill. On the way you will be able to see a lot trees for sure you would have never seen them before. since we took the trekking as a group it was completely filled with fun and of course a sense of adventure. At a rate of 3 kms an hour we have reached our our destination at around 12’o clock. The first place we visited was rose garden, I’m really astounded to see that much varieties of roses. Well the trekking trip was really good to be frank it was one of the best weekends I have spent in the recent times.

Are you a book lover--Hers's a Fest

Are you a regular reader residing in Erode? Then if you haven’t visited the book fest that ended this 11th man you have missed a great treat. I’m sure the publishers will be really astounded by the response, and the book fest ended with our Former president APJ Abdul Kalaam giving away the keynote address. Well there was as usual The Best Sellers, New arrivals, Famous Autobiographies and of course flooded with discounts. And I had the opportunity to be there and buy some books since the place is flooded with people we doesn’t have any time to review the books (one thing I don’t like about these Fests) except this everything was superb almost every famous publishers had their stalls, there was a separate stall for books written by and about Mr.Kalaam if you are his follower then you are cornered there. And if you are a regular novel reader then you have a double fest!! Yes 5 novels for Rs 200/- I’m sure that is a good deal.

So everyone will be thinking of which book to select when you have lots of choices left all around you, Novels by Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer etc-Self development books by Robin Sharma, Paul Coelho and lots more-Leadership Books-And my favorite “Biographies”. So my choice was so simple since I found a book written by one of my best political leader as well as a renowned speaker, if you think like me then you could have guessed him yes he is Barack Obama. The book I bought was “THE GREAT SPEECHES OF BARACK OBAMA” and to my surprise this book also accompanies an audio CD of those speeches.

I’m almost half way through the book, every speech is just simple but got an in-depth message for every word he spoke, I suggest everyone can have a glance at this book then you will know how he won presidential election. Only one thing comes to my mind when I read this book

You are the Master of the Unspoken Word


You are the slave of a Spoken Word

Commitment- A Shortcut To Success

Most of you will disagree with me saying that there is no shortcut to success well there isn’t but this will be a lot easier than the others. Commitment simply means a conscious choice to do something, not that whenever we like to do it but doing it regularly.

Well a sudden thinking about commitment comes to my mind afterI have attended a training program organized by the Society Of Automotive Engineers, to my surprise around 40 colleges from Tamilnadu attended the program and everyone one of them right from the start of the program kept it alive as if it is a conference. I’m already dumbstruck by their active participation and in-depth knowledge about what is going in the society, coping up with all this I went on listening to the discussion and the chairman of SAE was explaining us about how to increase the membership of the club and the main qualities needed for being a good Leader or a business person or to be a person with highly organized goals and targets.

There are mainly two qualities that shows your commitment

Focus and Personal Sacrifice

First you have to show a single-minded purpose in what you are doing, simply everything you do should be directed towards the purpose, And the second thing is show some personal sacrifice.

I can tell an example for this and this happened the very day. Around 5 pm that day everyone of us have been assigned some work that none of us have ever heard about, but thinking that all we do is for the SAE everyone accepted their work sincerely, after assigning the organizer announced that if we want he will help us out with our work at 10 pm after dinner, to my surprise everyone turned up at 10 and it went on till late night. we have of course missed little sleep but I would say this is the commitment that everyone out there had towards the Society of Automotive Engineers and this is what leads directly to success. Irrespective what you are working on or whom you are working with,  if you commit yourself completely to the work you do the result for sure will be the success and the feeling of it is completely different. Try it yourself.

Have you ever tried the worst of your “Worries or Fears”

Well most of us do not want to try that out because we have  unconsciously given it a big tag in our mind  saying that DO NOT TRY THIS OUT--it is a kind of impulse that our brain sends when we see those things tagged as said above by us, well if you are that kind of person having a long list of Worries and Fears that taunts you on your way to success, I suggest you start trying out the list one by one starting with an easy one.  Because once you have started doing that then only you will be able to concentrate more on the future that lies ahead.

To start with I have always had feared about taking responsibilities thinking that what if something goes wrong and then people will blame me for the mistake, after watching how other people handle their responsibilities and the mistakes for years and learning from them, here i am taking as much responsibility as i can with the work available around me and learning constantly on how to avoid mistakes. The next  one I had once worried about is conversing fluently with people who are branded expertise in it, after some really nice work outs I'm now ready to talk to anyone and develop a friendly relationship. well I’m not a Pro in that but I’m sure I’ll come out quiet successfully. And the list goes on and on you don’t have to wait for eye opener to help you out with your worries and fears, just have this one thing in mind.

What have we brought into this world—To lose it or to take it back

What I'm trying to express here is that all those things that seems to be so big for us to worry about is nothing but a thick mist covering everyone of us, all we have to do is search for the light and not sit around waiting for someone to bring it to you. This is a world which has a placard firmly attached on it saying Survival Of the Fittest so those who dare finds the light.

Birthday-What's So Special In Getting Older???

The day when everyone around you wishes you “Happy Birthday” makes you feel delighted right, obviously everyone of us should be because you are the hero of that day. Well whatever the reason maybe here are some of the funny reasons i have come across about birthday…

4. Birthdays are like busses, Never the number you want.

3. When I have a birthday I take the day off. But when my wife has a birthday, she takes a year or two off.

2. Inside every older person is a younger person - wondering what the hell happened.

1.Two elderly gentlemen from a retirement center were sitting on a bench under a tree when one turns to the other and

says, "Ted, I'm 83 years old now and I'm just full of aches and pains. I know you're about my age. How do you feel?"

Ted says, "I feel like a newborn baby."

"Really? Like a newborn baby?"

"Yep. No hair, no teeth, and I think I just wet my pants."

Well thinking about all this i have celebrated my twentieth birthday today, showered by wishes and blessings from almost everyone i knew this is one of happiest birthday i ever had. Let see if this happiness comes along with me this whole year.

Expect The Unexpected

The topic sounds a bit odd right, well to put it in a nut shell this week was packed with a lot of unexpected stuff for me. To start with i have been selected as a event coordinator for one of the national level technical symposium Futura 09 in our college i was already confused with what to do to as a event coordinator as this goes on, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has asked me to attend a club officers training in Vinayaga Mission deemed university, to take the unexpected thrill to the next level i have been unanimously selected as a overall organizer for the ISTE students chapter 2009 one of prestigious engineering society in India and being an integral part of it is one of the dreams of every aspiring engineer. Well today my dream has come true.

To be frank i do know that my leadership qualities are not up to the mark for thrusting me with such responsibilities but i do have the guts to face anything to complete a task given to me and as everyone of us know Experience is the best teacher one will ever come across, so having this in mind i do hope to complete the task in my hand successfully. One more thing comes to my mind looking over these things i clearly say “Opportunity can knock your door thrice in a week”. Ha ha ha.

If your are interested you can check out the details about our college symposium from the following link.

Futura 2009- A National Level Tech Symposium

Tour Diary….

Well as the title suggests its about a place i have been to recently,not to simply think of it as a place its more than that a serene natural beauty still uncovered by human not much of it are opened up.Ok the place is Nelliyampathy this sounds like a little village in some forest but guess what its not,its a place hidden between two hills.Let me tell you about the journey and the bumpy ride to reach the destination.


To be exact the place is located in kerala a tourist spot still not known to many i suppose, its a 70 km drive from palakkad in this drive you will find nothing but farms and hills and after half of the journey the ride is on the hills,well you have to know this that i am not much of a traveler but this one really turned me out. On the way towards the hills you have to stop by a large dam it collects the water from the mountain streams,this place is has a stunning view with hills all around. Now lets ride in the hills, once you have started to climb up the hills you will feel three things first a temperature change then lots of small streams running wildly and finally you can find the freshness in air. So the next 15 minutes goes on like this till you reach nelliyampathy.


Once you have reached nelliyampathy you have to park your ride there and take up a four wheel drive because the next 20 minutes will be a bumpy ride you have ever enjoyed in your life, I’m sure you will have your “heart in your throat”. During the ride you will be able to find lots of wild animals if you dare you can stop by without disturbing the wildies. Once you go deep into the hills all you can find is heavy mist and a very cool temperature, after all this you have reached your destination.There are four resorts around there you can check in any of those, now all you can do is explore the thickly covered mountains and enjoy the climate you can also go for a SAFARI arranged by the resort and see the extinct wild life. This place has another reason to be serene because there will be no electricity, no network coverage (don’t worry every resort has its own backup power system and network in case of an emergency) so there is no barrier between you and nature.

I wish it is one of the ideal place for exploring and touring in the wild especially during this season.

Attitude Matters....

Hello everyone this my First time experience in Blogging i have read lot of blogs before but never before i had this idea of trying out myself so based on your feed back let me see how far this goes on.

So when i was in fifth grade i'm not good at maths so i have attended an extra maths classes taught by a college professor once in a test conducted by him he asked "WHAT IS MATHS" none of my friends had a clear idea so he asked me to find out the answer from anyone who taught maths at my school. As a try i asked two of my teachers the same question.One of that teacher answered me and also gave me some references to other definitions from varoius books and for the other one who thought i'm testing his knowledge in maths started humiliating me like anything since he was the one who taught maths to me in my school this issue became so big that every one of my staff came to know about that and make fun of me.Till now i dont understand what was wrong in asking such a question but i found out one thing that ATTITUDE is what gives a difference between people and that is what takes people to great heights..........

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