Attitude Matters....

Hello everyone this my First time experience in Blogging i have read lot of blogs before but never before i had this idea of trying out myself so based on your feed back let me see how far this goes on.

So when i was in fifth grade i'm not good at maths so i have attended an extra maths classes taught by a college professor once in a test conducted by him he asked "WHAT IS MATHS" none of my friends had a clear idea so he asked me to find out the answer from anyone who taught maths at my school. As a try i asked two of my teachers the same question.One of that teacher answered me and also gave me some references to other definitions from varoius books and for the other one who thought i'm testing his knowledge in maths started humiliating me like anything since he was the one who taught maths to me in my school this issue became so big that every one of my staff came to know about that and make fun of me.Till now i dont understand what was wrong in asking such a question but i found out one thing that ATTITUDE is what gives a difference between people and that is what takes people to great heights..........


Ramz said...

Hi Vaish.. welcome to blogging and i have to tell you nice blog name and a great post. I am sorry that till date i dont know about this incident. Is that Ramanan sir??

Anyways its past and the bottom line is important and as you have mentioned.. the attitude is one which makes difference..

Keep writing and keep rocking..

looking forward for more..

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