Tour Diary….

Well as the title suggests its about a place i have been to recently,not to simply think of it as a place its more than that a serene natural beauty still uncovered by human not much of it are opened up.Ok the place is Nelliyampathy this sounds like a little village in some forest but guess what its not,its a place hidden between two hills.Let me tell you about the journey and the bumpy ride to reach the destination.


To be exact the place is located in kerala a tourist spot still not known to many i suppose, its a 70 km drive from palakkad in this drive you will find nothing but farms and hills and after half of the journey the ride is on the hills,well you have to know this that i am not much of a traveler but this one really turned me out. On the way towards the hills you have to stop by a large dam it collects the water from the mountain streams,this place is has a stunning view with hills all around. Now lets ride in the hills, once you have started to climb up the hills you will feel three things first a temperature change then lots of small streams running wildly and finally you can find the freshness in air. So the next 15 minutes goes on like this till you reach nelliyampathy.


Once you have reached nelliyampathy you have to park your ride there and take up a four wheel drive because the next 20 minutes will be a bumpy ride you have ever enjoyed in your life, I’m sure you will have your “heart in your throat”. During the ride you will be able to find lots of wild animals if you dare you can stop by without disturbing the wildies. Once you go deep into the hills all you can find is heavy mist and a very cool temperature, after all this you have reached your destination.There are four resorts around there you can check in any of those, now all you can do is explore the thickly covered mountains and enjoy the climate you can also go for a SAFARI arranged by the resort and see the extinct wild life. This place has another reason to be serene because there will be no electricity, no network coverage (don’t worry every resort has its own backup power system and network in case of an emergency) so there is no barrier between you and nature.

I wish it is one of the ideal place for exploring and touring in the wild especially during this season.

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