Trekkers Destination

Hello everyone trekking is not an easy task, if you hear someone say that it is a complete lie, and I have discovered this after trekking on the Yercaud hills this weekend, I don’t think all of us know that there is a hilly way especially for trekkers to reach yercaud town. Well there is this way and if you want to shed down some sweat out of your body then you sure have to take this one.

The total distance is around 12 kilo meters roughly, as you all know you have to take your basic trekking kit, if you need you can also take a forest officer with you or some local guides. Now about my trekking experience, we have started at around 8 in the morning no need to mention the fact that it is not the best time for trekking, well we have planned to start at 6 but due to Gods gift of  undisturbed sleeping our plan has been changed, coming back after having our backpacks filled with food, water and first aid kits we have started and it seemed to be a normal road but then it started to ascend and my friends are all started asking for a stop but having made up our mind to stop after covering half of the distance we have continued on our trekking , to be frank I was completely exhausted within 20 minutes of the start and thanks to Glucose (My Life Saver) which saved my day by providing sudden boost up when I started to go down on energy. On the way there’s not much of animals you can find but a good place for photography you will find stunning sites surrounded by hills, Unfortunately I have missed my cam so I was unable to provide you with some visual treat of my trekking experience.After reaching half of the distance we had our break fast in the middle of a bamboo forest on the ascending hill. On the way you will be able to see a lot trees for sure you would have never seen them before. since we took the trekking as a group it was completely filled with fun and of course a sense of adventure. At a rate of 3 kms an hour we have reached our our destination at around 12’o clock. The first place we visited was rose garden, I’m really astounded to see that much varieties of roses. Well the trekking trip was really good to be frank it was one of the best weekends I have spent in the recent times.

Are you a book lover--Hers's a Fest

Are you a regular reader residing in Erode? Then if you haven’t visited the book fest that ended this 11th man you have missed a great treat. I’m sure the publishers will be really astounded by the response, and the book fest ended with our Former president APJ Abdul Kalaam giving away the keynote address. Well there was as usual The Best Sellers, New arrivals, Famous Autobiographies and of course flooded with discounts. And I had the opportunity to be there and buy some books since the place is flooded with people we doesn’t have any time to review the books (one thing I don’t like about these Fests) except this everything was superb almost every famous publishers had their stalls, there was a separate stall for books written by and about Mr.Kalaam if you are his follower then you are cornered there. And if you are a regular novel reader then you have a double fest!! Yes 5 novels for Rs 200/- I’m sure that is a good deal.

So everyone will be thinking of which book to select when you have lots of choices left all around you, Novels by Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer etc-Self development books by Robin Sharma, Paul Coelho and lots more-Leadership Books-And my favorite “Biographies”. So my choice was so simple since I found a book written by one of my best political leader as well as a renowned speaker, if you think like me then you could have guessed him yes he is Barack Obama. The book I bought was “THE GREAT SPEECHES OF BARACK OBAMA” and to my surprise this book also accompanies an audio CD of those speeches.

I’m almost half way through the book, every speech is just simple but got an in-depth message for every word he spoke, I suggest everyone can have a glance at this book then you will know how he won presidential election. Only one thing comes to my mind when I read this book

You are the Master of the Unspoken Word


You are the slave of a Spoken Word

Commitment- A Shortcut To Success

Most of you will disagree with me saying that there is no shortcut to success well there isn’t but this will be a lot easier than the others. Commitment simply means a conscious choice to do something, not that whenever we like to do it but doing it regularly.

Well a sudden thinking about commitment comes to my mind afterI have attended a training program organized by the Society Of Automotive Engineers, to my surprise around 40 colleges from Tamilnadu attended the program and everyone one of them right from the start of the program kept it alive as if it is a conference. I’m already dumbstruck by their active participation and in-depth knowledge about what is going in the society, coping up with all this I went on listening to the discussion and the chairman of SAE was explaining us about how to increase the membership of the club and the main qualities needed for being a good Leader or a business person or to be a person with highly organized goals and targets.

There are mainly two qualities that shows your commitment

Focus and Personal Sacrifice

First you have to show a single-minded purpose in what you are doing, simply everything you do should be directed towards the purpose, And the second thing is show some personal sacrifice.

I can tell an example for this and this happened the very day. Around 5 pm that day everyone of us have been assigned some work that none of us have ever heard about, but thinking that all we do is for the SAE everyone accepted their work sincerely, after assigning the organizer announced that if we want he will help us out with our work at 10 pm after dinner, to my surprise everyone turned up at 10 and it went on till late night. we have of course missed little sleep but I would say this is the commitment that everyone out there had towards the Society of Automotive Engineers and this is what leads directly to success. Irrespective what you are working on or whom you are working with,  if you commit yourself completely to the work you do the result for sure will be the success and the feeling of it is completely different. Try it yourself.

Have you ever tried the worst of your “Worries or Fears”

Well most of us do not want to try that out because we have  unconsciously given it a big tag in our mind  saying that DO NOT TRY THIS OUT--it is a kind of impulse that our brain sends when we see those things tagged as said above by us, well if you are that kind of person having a long list of Worries and Fears that taunts you on your way to success, I suggest you start trying out the list one by one starting with an easy one.  Because once you have started doing that then only you will be able to concentrate more on the future that lies ahead.

To start with I have always had feared about taking responsibilities thinking that what if something goes wrong and then people will blame me for the mistake, after watching how other people handle their responsibilities and the mistakes for years and learning from them, here i am taking as much responsibility as i can with the work available around me and learning constantly on how to avoid mistakes. The next  one I had once worried about is conversing fluently with people who are branded expertise in it, after some really nice work outs I'm now ready to talk to anyone and develop a friendly relationship. well I’m not a Pro in that but I’m sure I’ll come out quiet successfully. And the list goes on and on you don’t have to wait for eye opener to help you out with your worries and fears, just have this one thing in mind.

What have we brought into this world—To lose it or to take it back

What I'm trying to express here is that all those things that seems to be so big for us to worry about is nothing but a thick mist covering everyone of us, all we have to do is search for the light and not sit around waiting for someone to bring it to you. This is a world which has a placard firmly attached on it saying Survival Of the Fittest so those who dare finds the light.

Birthday-What's So Special In Getting Older???

The day when everyone around you wishes you “Happy Birthday” makes you feel delighted right, obviously everyone of us should be because you are the hero of that day. Well whatever the reason maybe here are some of the funny reasons i have come across about birthday…

4. Birthdays are like busses, Never the number you want.

3. When I have a birthday I take the day off. But when my wife has a birthday, she takes a year or two off.

2. Inside every older person is a younger person - wondering what the hell happened.

1.Two elderly gentlemen from a retirement center were sitting on a bench under a tree when one turns to the other and

says, "Ted, I'm 83 years old now and I'm just full of aches and pains. I know you're about my age. How do you feel?"

Ted says, "I feel like a newborn baby."

"Really? Like a newborn baby?"

"Yep. No hair, no teeth, and I think I just wet my pants."

Well thinking about all this i have celebrated my twentieth birthday today, showered by wishes and blessings from almost everyone i knew this is one of happiest birthday i ever had. Let see if this happiness comes along with me this whole year.

Expect The Unexpected

The topic sounds a bit odd right, well to put it in a nut shell this week was packed with a lot of unexpected stuff for me. To start with i have been selected as a event coordinator for one of the national level technical symposium Futura 09 in our college i was already confused with what to do to as a event coordinator as this goes on, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has asked me to attend a club officers training in Vinayaga Mission deemed university, to take the unexpected thrill to the next level i have been unanimously selected as a overall organizer for the ISTE students chapter 2009 one of prestigious engineering society in India and being an integral part of it is one of the dreams of every aspiring engineer. Well today my dream has come true.

To be frank i do know that my leadership qualities are not up to the mark for thrusting me with such responsibilities but i do have the guts to face anything to complete a task given to me and as everyone of us know Experience is the best teacher one will ever come across, so having this in mind i do hope to complete the task in my hand successfully. One more thing comes to my mind looking over these things i clearly say “Opportunity can knock your door thrice in a week”. Ha ha ha.

If your are interested you can check out the details about our college symposium from the following link.

Futura 2009- A National Level Tech Symposium

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