Are you a book lover--Hers's a Fest

Are you a regular reader residing in Erode? Then if you haven’t visited the book fest that ended this 11th man you have missed a great treat. I’m sure the publishers will be really astounded by the response, and the book fest ended with our Former president APJ Abdul Kalaam giving away the keynote address. Well there was as usual The Best Sellers, New arrivals, Famous Autobiographies and of course flooded with discounts. And I had the opportunity to be there and buy some books since the place is flooded with people we doesn’t have any time to review the books (one thing I don’t like about these Fests) except this everything was superb almost every famous publishers had their stalls, there was a separate stall for books written by and about Mr.Kalaam if you are his follower then you are cornered there. And if you are a regular novel reader then you have a double fest!! Yes 5 novels for Rs 200/- I’m sure that is a good deal.

So everyone will be thinking of which book to select when you have lots of choices left all around you, Novels by Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer etc-Self development books by Robin Sharma, Paul Coelho and lots more-Leadership Books-And my favorite “Biographies”. So my choice was so simple since I found a book written by one of my best political leader as well as a renowned speaker, if you think like me then you could have guessed him yes he is Barack Obama. The book I bought was “THE GREAT SPEECHES OF BARACK OBAMA” and to my surprise this book also accompanies an audio CD of those speeches.

I’m almost half way through the book, every speech is just simple but got an in-depth message for every word he spoke, I suggest everyone can have a glance at this book then you will know how he won presidential election. Only one thing comes to my mind when I read this book

You are the Master of the Unspoken Word


You are the slave of a Spoken Word


Big Sis said...

Wow ! Good to hear Vaish .. Let me know how it is and will read it too ...

Shas said...

Wow! this sounds unbelievable. I wish i was residing in Erode.

Vaishnav.Kasi said...

Good to hear that.Will try post earlier in the future..

Vaishnav.Kasi said...

@Big Sis

Sure sis, I'm almost half way through the book.And thanks for your support :)

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