Commitment- A Shortcut To Success

Most of you will disagree with me saying that there is no shortcut to success well there isn’t but this will be a lot easier than the others. Commitment simply means a conscious choice to do something, not that whenever we like to do it but doing it regularly.

Well a sudden thinking about commitment comes to my mind afterI have attended a training program organized by the Society Of Automotive Engineers, to my surprise around 40 colleges from Tamilnadu attended the program and everyone one of them right from the start of the program kept it alive as if it is a conference. I’m already dumbstruck by their active participation and in-depth knowledge about what is going in the society, coping up with all this I went on listening to the discussion and the chairman of SAE was explaining us about how to increase the membership of the club and the main qualities needed for being a good Leader or a business person or to be a person with highly organized goals and targets.

There are mainly two qualities that shows your commitment

Focus and Personal Sacrifice

First you have to show a single-minded purpose in what you are doing, simply everything you do should be directed towards the purpose, And the second thing is show some personal sacrifice.

I can tell an example for this and this happened the very day. Around 5 pm that day everyone of us have been assigned some work that none of us have ever heard about, but thinking that all we do is for the SAE everyone accepted their work sincerely, after assigning the organizer announced that if we want he will help us out with our work at 10 pm after dinner, to my surprise everyone turned up at 10 and it went on till late night. we have of course missed little sleep but I would say this is the commitment that everyone out there had towards the Society of Automotive Engineers and this is what leads directly to success. Irrespective what you are working on or whom you are working with,  if you commit yourself completely to the work you do the result for sure will be the success and the feeling of it is completely different. Try it yourself.


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