Expect The Unexpected

The topic sounds a bit odd right, well to put it in a nut shell this week was packed with a lot of unexpected stuff for me. To start with i have been selected as a event coordinator for one of the national level technical symposium Futura 09 in our college i was already confused with what to do to as a event coordinator as this goes on, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has asked me to attend a club officers training in Vinayaga Mission deemed university, to take the unexpected thrill to the next level i have been unanimously selected as a overall organizer for the ISTE students chapter 2009 one of prestigious engineering society in India and being an integral part of it is one of the dreams of every aspiring engineer. Well today my dream has come true.

To be frank i do know that my leadership qualities are not up to the mark for thrusting me with such responsibilities but i do have the guts to face anything to complete a task given to me and as everyone of us know Experience is the best teacher one will ever come across, so having this in mind i do hope to complete the task in my hand successfully. One more thing comes to my mind looking over these things i clearly say “Opportunity can knock your door thrice in a week”. Ha ha ha.

If your are interested you can check out the details about our college symposium from the following link.

Futura 2009- A National Level Tech Symposium


Ramz said...

Hi you can do lot more than this.. keep your head cool and keep rocking.. all the very best da KV

Big Sis said...

Hey !

You still doubt your leadership skills is it? Come on Vaish ... you have it in you and am sure you will do a great job ! God bless :)

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