Have you ever tried the worst of your “Worries or Fears”

Well most of us do not want to try that out because we have  unconsciously given it a big tag in our mind  saying that DO NOT TRY THIS OUT--it is a kind of impulse that our brain sends when we see those things tagged as said above by us, well if you are that kind of person having a long list of Worries and Fears that taunts you on your way to success, I suggest you start trying out the list one by one starting with an easy one.  Because once you have started doing that then only you will be able to concentrate more on the future that lies ahead.

To start with I have always had feared about taking responsibilities thinking that what if something goes wrong and then people will blame me for the mistake, after watching how other people handle their responsibilities and the mistakes for years and learning from them, here i am taking as much responsibility as i can with the work available around me and learning constantly on how to avoid mistakes. The next  one I had once worried about is conversing fluently with people who are branded expertise in it, after some really nice work outs I'm now ready to talk to anyone and develop a friendly relationship. well I’m not a Pro in that but I’m sure I’ll come out quiet successfully. And the list goes on and on you don’t have to wait for eye opener to help you out with your worries and fears, just have this one thing in mind.

What have we brought into this world—To lose it or to take it back

What I'm trying to express here is that all those things that seems to be so big for us to worry about is nothing but a thick mist covering everyone of us, all we have to do is search for the light and not sit around waiting for someone to bring it to you. This is a world which has a placard firmly attached on it saying Survival Of the Fittest so those who dare finds the light.


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