Trekkers Destination

Hello everyone trekking is not an easy task, if you hear someone say that it is a complete lie, and I have discovered this after trekking on the Yercaud hills this weekend, I don’t think all of us know that there is a hilly way especially for trekkers to reach yercaud town. Well there is this way and if you want to shed down some sweat out of your body then you sure have to take this one.

The total distance is around 12 kilo meters roughly, as you all know you have to take your basic trekking kit, if you need you can also take a forest officer with you or some local guides. Now about my trekking experience, we have started at around 8 in the morning no need to mention the fact that it is not the best time for trekking, well we have planned to start at 6 but due to Gods gift of  undisturbed sleeping our plan has been changed, coming back after having our backpacks filled with food, water and first aid kits we have started and it seemed to be a normal road but then it started to ascend and my friends are all started asking for a stop but having made up our mind to stop after covering half of the distance we have continued on our trekking , to be frank I was completely exhausted within 20 minutes of the start and thanks to Glucose (My Life Saver) which saved my day by providing sudden boost up when I started to go down on energy. On the way there’s not much of animals you can find but a good place for photography you will find stunning sites surrounded by hills, Unfortunately I have missed my cam so I was unable to provide you with some visual treat of my trekking experience.After reaching half of the distance we had our break fast in the middle of a bamboo forest on the ascending hill. On the way you will be able to see a lot trees for sure you would have never seen them before. since we took the trekking as a group it was completely filled with fun and of course a sense of adventure. At a rate of 3 kms an hour we have reached our our destination at around 12’o clock. The first place we visited was rose garden, I’m really astounded to see that much varieties of roses. Well the trekking trip was really good to be frank it was one of the best weekends I have spent in the recent times.


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