Wanna Be A Mozilla Campus Rep???

I hope everyone of you have heard about the Mozilla campus representative program, In order to increase the number of users of Firefox and to spread Firefox among schools and colleges they have started this Initiative. All you have to do is just spread the word about Firefox between your friends in the campus and be a proud campus representative.Just register yourself and then you will be provided with a swag pack with badges, stickers, tags and T-shirts then you can start the campaign with those things. Swag Pack

Its cool right that's why I have joined it too, Now I am also a Campus rep of our college.So do you want to be a Campus Representative here is the link Register Here.

Just Turned 10


I’m extremely happy because I have turned 10, well not me but my blog posts. In a place where I was left alone having come this long itself seems to be a small achievement for me. I hope these 10 posts gives a rough sketch about me. Anyway nothing more its time to have a small celebration :)

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Most of us have heard that Microsoft office 2010 is out for a technical preview if you want to check out the cool environment of office here we go…having downloaded the software for myself, I have been using Office 2010 for the past one month well technically it is called as MICROSOFT OFFICE MONDO 2010.It’s been updated with everything you need have during the time you spend in a document. Firstly it has been built with a elegant design uncluttered from unnecessary stuff. Mondo on the whole comes with Access, Excel, Designer, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, publisher, SharePoint Workspace, Visio and finally with Word. Some of the features included are TRANSLATE option,translator 

you can even load a complete document and then select the translate document to any language you wish,within seconds you will find the text in that language. If you wish to attach screenshot of the page you are working on you don’t have to go searching for a separate software there’s a screenshot option provided for you.screenshot1 There is lot more in the new version of office 2010, just download it make your lot more simpler. There is also a problem going on in the background that Microsoft has been banned from selling Word, since word can open XML format documents. This is a case filed by i4i a content solution and Technology company, and i4i won that the verdict is as follows, “On May 20th 2009, Judge Davis and his court's jury ruled that Microsoft is banned from selling any Microsoft Word products and it owed i4i a $200 million”.

Lets see if this can stop Microsoft from selling its well known Word.

Expression Of Love

After a really tight week I'm back now(I'm free now) and I had a mixed kind of experience from the past week, I have done a lot of useful things read lot of books spent a great amount of time with friends usually I used to hang around with my laptop but i have changed my habit. Well I have spent the last two days thinking about the topic for this post and I had been presented with an excellent one. 3754262167_55260bf21eHere we go I watched one of my junior having a nice time with his family a bunch of people came by to visit him (most of us know that it is one of the traditional customs in India to visit their children in their college) and the whole family was completely enjoying the time with their son or grandson or whatever relation it may be everyone hugged him asked about his college affairs his health and started sharing their family affairs even the small child in the family where playing happily nearby everyone is laughing and and the whole place is filled with an enthusiastic look, everyone expressing their true love and having a look at them itself made me feel delighted by their love and how much they have missed their little buddy from home. well after some time he took the whole family on a tour around the campus. well actually there where lot of other families and I felt really surprised how did I miss this thing in the previous three years of my study I have seen it a lot of times before but today only I have noticed it with such an insight, there is always a different point of view in each and everything we see. The next I did sorry doing is writing this post....

One more thing I want to share at this is moment is that I have asked my friends and friends and friends of friends to have a look at my blog and share their views about my blog. I'm extremely delighted by their response and suggestions. I have planned to do a great job back here with my blog in the years and months that follow. Thanks a lot guys for all your support.

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