Most of us have heard that Microsoft office 2010 is out for a technical preview if you want to check out the cool environment of office here we go…having downloaded the software for myself, I have been using Office 2010 for the past one month well technically it is called as MICROSOFT OFFICE MONDO 2010.It’s been updated with everything you need have during the time you spend in a document. Firstly it has been built with a elegant design uncluttered from unnecessary stuff. Mondo on the whole comes with Access, Excel, Designer, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, publisher, SharePoint Workspace, Visio and finally with Word. Some of the features included are TRANSLATE option,translator 

you can even load a complete document and then select the translate document to any language you wish,within seconds you will find the text in that language. If you wish to attach screenshot of the page you are working on you don’t have to go searching for a separate software there’s a screenshot option provided for you.screenshot1 There is lot more in the new version of office 2010, just download it make your lot more simpler. There is also a problem going on in the background that Microsoft has been banned from selling Word, since word can open XML format documents. This is a case filed by i4i a content solution and Technology company, and i4i won that the verdict is as follows, “On May 20th 2009, Judge Davis and his court's jury ruled that Microsoft is banned from selling any Microsoft Word products and it owed i4i a $200 million”.

Lets see if this can stop Microsoft from selling its well known Word.


rocksea said...

translate option was there in the older versions. screenshot is new, and a nice addition. i dont think ms office can do without word!

Vaishnav.Kasi said...

I too know that office 2007 itself has translator but this one is well updated with lots of languages and well said without word MSoffice is almost nothing.Thanx for ur time and comment.

GST Refunds Delhi said...

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