Google Doodle Competition

Today when I was surfing my way through Google I found the Google doodle being changed being a fan of those little pictures containing facts I checked out and it turned out to be the  most interesting thing. Here we go, For this children’s day Google has done a great job by igniting young minds and helped them bring out their artistic talent and expose it to the whole world. I’m really amazed by those creations each one unique in its own way and depicting the Indian culture. Hats off to Google for helping in bringing out those budding artists. Here are some pictures.

1. This is the doodle which is currently displayed in Google webpage created by 4th grader PURU PRATAP SINGH


2. This one is by REVATHI.V studying Xth standard


3. This to my wonder is drawn by TANUSHRI TRIPATHI from Jamshedpur doing 3 grade.


you can view the rest in this URL DOODLE 4 GOOGLE.


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