A Little Thought On Library Day

KNOWN is a drop, unknown is a ocean

To Know that drop start reading!!! Untitled

Well If someone asks me when did you start reading I would say a few years back, Yes only a few years before I have started reading books on my own conscience and then only I came to know about the real taste it carries with and the immense enjoyment I got after completing my first book within a month or so. I don’t regret for starting at such a late time because most of the people around me haven’t even started reading on their own conscience. All we do is that we memorize the text given to us in our syllabus which happens during our school time and in college we try to understand the concept which for half of us eventually leads to the same process of memorizing. Seriously the information you gather when you read a book by your own willingness is vast and infinite. Whatever the book maybe just start, I’m not saying that you have to start with Encyclopedia Britannica's twenty volume just start with a novel which is at the reach of your hand. Then you will understand the power of reading for me reading helped me to concentrate on the work at hand, gives me a peaceful mind, helped me to know where today’s billionaire’s and renowned people came from, inculcate a lot good habits, helps develop a nice character. The above said is for me and its different for lots of people. This is just a small look back on the celebrations around me for the coming Library day in my campus.

So what are you waiting for look around for the one to start with, My wishes :)


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