Have You Understood Life ???

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware--Henry Miller

Everyone has a different view about life and the way they want to live it up, the things they want to achieve and all that.Once we are off after a splendid start  “Did I take the right choice in life” is the most basic question that strikes everyone of us, but before thinking about whether the choice is right or wrong we should review the basics of life “What is the key to life??”. If we  understand the answer to this basic question, Life becomes much less complicated then we think it is. The answer to this is clearly stated in this picture which means a lot with a very simple explanation.  Think about it.                 Excellent quote

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The Power Of Less

The Power Of Less

I’m really impressed by this book actually the books we read will be a novel sometimes an autobiography and some time a guide to a healthy life or even a book that help you achieve something by following the given steps but this is really different. Leo here tells exactly what most of us do ( for me its exactly what I have been doing ) and where we all stumble upon and in our way to success none of us realize that we have been travelling on the right path. In this book he tells about how simple habits can be a life changing strategy and more over helps us achieve what we want!! The best part I loved in the book is “SAYING NO” to others commitments so that you can pursue on your own dreams we don’t actually realize that these small commitments that people around as asks for piles up into a big one and stands in the way of want we have been longing to achieve. There is a lot more than just a pile of words this really works and I’m sure this book is for everyone who is out there who wants to enjoy their life with the Power Of Less.

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