Satellite TV what is the real purpose???

Satellite TV

Hi everyone this post I'm writing after much thought, let me come straight to the point  if you are residing in TamilNadu and a regular traveler who uses the state transport buses then I'm sure you should have noted the new addition in the buses “A SATELLITE TV” which is displayed in a LCD screen. It displays a uniform program all over the state buses in TamilNadu, but I really couldn’t find any purpose in this setup I mean its just the same old stuff a mixture of old and new songs and a good amount time for advertisements. The bus itself is not in good condition but they have this system installed in it. I would rather prefer to improve the quality of  bus standards and consider in improving the customer satisfaction, look out everyone of the people out there is having a mobile phone, mp3 player or their own means of entertainment, so why is this system a necessary one??? Rather investing such a huge amount of money in a useless thing the people in state transport can think of something  to improve the feel of people using the service. Lets Hope this falls in the ears of the people involved !!!

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Is there a Perfect Start.

What will you do when you rejoin with your loved ones after a big fight or lets say a disagreement in a situation most of us, if you are like me ask for an apology saying that “This will never happen again and lets start over again without brooding over the past, and this time it will be a Perfect start without any problems”. The problem here is still we don’t understand the realm of life and the lessons it is trying to teach us, to put it simply there --never is a perfect start-- all of us if we make a mistake think that we can start all over again freshly and avoid the problems we faced last time but the reality is even though if we get through the problem we faced last time there will arise a new problem, you can’t go for it all over again. So all we have to understand here is there isn’t a perfect start if you are looking for one, learn from the mistakes but don’t start all over again you will end up learning nothing and if this thing happens in a relationship you will end up as a loner, in a business environment you will be called an Arrogant fellow, in student community you will be bannered as a Loser. Experience comes from some of these little things that happens in all our day to day lives I mean everyone of us fights with our loved ones and end up thinking who is the bad one here, so all we have to do is quickly understand these little lessons which life is trying to teach us and move forward and have a happy life, after all we don’t know which breath of ours is a last one….

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A Far Cry 4 Our Tigers!!!

Whoever is kind to the creatures of GOD, Is kind to himself--The Holy Prophet

1411 is the number of tigers alive in India at this moment, our national animal is becoming extinct and if this rate continues we will be showing our national animal in pictures only to the coming generation people!!! So for this AIRCEL has started an initiative to spread awareness of this to be extinct animal, featuring stars like M.S.Dhoni, Baichang Bhutia and actor Surya they have even started a website called Tiger-blog

This is a welcome one but all on a sudden where did they get the enlightment  to come up with this??? The answer is quite simple this is the new trend in advertising, well if you watch out all of us becoming aware of the fact like global warming and trying desperately to do our share to protect the environment, big players quickly catch on to this fever and come up with advertisements that are mainly themed around GO GREEN, to list a few Idea, Nokia, Videocon, Philips….and lots. Anyway what ever their aim be lets thank them and start doing our part there’s not only tigers which are becoming extinct in India almost all the animals are, so lets pay a visit to the nearest animal park and make a small donation towards the protection of these creatures which are on their way towards becoming extinct. Lets Roar.

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The Old Man And His God-Discovering The Spirit Of India.

“Every saint has a PAST  &  Every sinner has a FUTURE”   

I have read this book only a few weeks ago but the moment I completed its been like an urge inside me to post my view here.


So lets start first with the author SUDHA MURTHY who is heading the Infosys Foundation has been into a lot of social work for a long time. The word “Social work” may seem a lot simpler on the outside but man there is more in it to be a true social worker like Ms.Sudha Murthy here, and this book reveals a few of the encounters she had while extending her hand for helping people. This book has a simple collection of stories, so realistically narrated, that it keeps the flow on. Similar to Wise and Otherwise, this book talks about different stories of different people at different times. They are incidents of day today life, Something that even you and I may come across. The multi dimensional and single purposed human mind that comments on people like her makes me feel bad on one side but on the other it helps you to identify and stand as a distinction between a normal man and a social worker, who takes in all the humiliation and goes on helping till the end. If you want to what it really feels like to be a true social worker read this book, I will say this is a should read book. You will understand when you go through those pages. It has already hit the stores and is making its way towards the best sellers list, this book truly is a simple revelation of those events from her heart. Simply this book is a wonderful read.    

Excuse me !!!

It’s been a while since my last post and there has been a lot of changes I have made since then, let me start with some positive ones

* I have read some good books and an equal amount of blogs .

* For the first time, I have set some clear goals for this special year and the best part is I have successfully started working towards it.

* I can’t hide the enjoyment when i saw my IndiRank has  increased :-D, but again coz of the long I’m back to where I have started :-(

* A lot of people congratulated for my last post, which one of the main reasons I have planned take blogging as habit from this year.

With these small points of excuse, I’m announcing my return into posting [tat tat da]. Obviously I have a lot to share with you so you guys can expect a constant flow of posts from now. Lets post.

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