Excuse me !!!

It’s been a while since my last post and there has been a lot of changes I have made since then, let me start with some positive ones

* I have read some good books and an equal amount of blogs .

* For the first time, I have set some clear goals for this special year and the best part is I have successfully started working towards it.

* I can’t hide the enjoyment when i saw my IndiRank has  increased :-D, but again coz of the long I’m back to where I have started :-(

* A lot of people congratulated for my last post, which one of the main reasons I have planned take blogging as habit from this year.

With these small points of excuse, I’m announcing my return into posting [tat tat da]. Obviously I have a lot to share with you so you guys can expect a constant flow of posts from now. Lets post.

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