A Far Cry 4 Our Tigers!!!

Whoever is kind to the creatures of GOD, Is kind to himself--The Holy Prophet

1411 is the number of tigers alive in India at this moment, our national animal is becoming extinct and if this rate continues we will be showing our national animal in pictures only to the coming generation people!!! So for this AIRCEL has started an initiative to spread awareness of this to be extinct animal, featuring stars like M.S.Dhoni, Baichang Bhutia and actor Surya they have even started a website called Tiger-blog


This is a welcome one but all on a sudden where did they get the enlightment  to come up with this??? The answer is quite simple this is the new trend in advertising, well if you watch out all of us becoming aware of the fact like global warming and trying desperately to do our share to protect the environment, big players quickly catch on to this fever and come up with advertisements that are mainly themed around GO GREEN, to list a few Idea, Nokia, Videocon, Philips….and lots. Anyway what ever their aim be lets thank them and start doing our part there’s not only tigers which are becoming extinct in India almost all the animals are, so lets pay a visit to the nearest animal park and make a small donation towards the protection of these creatures which are on their way towards becoming extinct. Lets Roar.

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Namita said...

A good topic to blog on Vaish ! Very true ... our eco-system is being threatened and we as civilized beings do nothing about it ! Time to act soon on this !

Good posting ... keep it going ...

vaishnav said...

@ Namitha
Thank you sis!!! keep visiting :)

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