Is there a Perfect Start.

What will you do when you rejoin with your loved ones after a big fight or lets say a disagreement in a situation most of us, if you are like me ask for an apology saying that “This will never happen again and lets start over again without brooding over the past, and this time it will be a Perfect start without any problems”. The problem here is still we don’t understand the realm of life and the lessons it is trying to teach us, to put it simply there --never is a perfect start-- all of us if we make a mistake think that we can start all over again freshly and avoid the problems we faced last time but the reality is even though if we get through the problem we faced last time there will arise a new problem, you can’t go for it all over again. So all we have to understand here is there isn’t a perfect start if you are looking for one, learn from the mistakes but don’t start all over again you will end up learning nothing and if this thing happens in a relationship you will end up as a loner, in a business environment you will be called an Arrogant fellow, in student community you will be bannered as a Loser. Experience comes from some of these little things that happens in all our day to day lives I mean everyone of us fights with our loved ones and end up thinking who is the bad one here, so all we have to do is quickly understand these little lessons which life is trying to teach us and move forward and have a happy life, after all we don’t know which breath of ours is a last one….

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