The Old Man And His God-Discovering The Spirit Of India.

“Every saint has a PAST  &  Every sinner has a FUTURE”   

I have read this book only a few weeks ago but the moment I completed its been like an urge inside me to post my view here.


So lets start first with the author SUDHA MURTHY who is heading the Infosys Foundation has been into a lot of social work for a long time. The word “Social work” may seem a lot simpler on the outside but man there is more in it to be a true social worker like Ms.Sudha Murthy here, and this book reveals a few of the encounters she had while extending her hand for helping people. This book has a simple collection of stories, so realistically narrated, that it keeps the flow on. Similar to Wise and Otherwise, this book talks about different stories of different people at different times. They are incidents of day today life, Something that even you and I may come across. The multi dimensional and single purposed human mind that comments on people like her makes me feel bad on one side but on the other it helps you to identify and stand as a distinction between a normal man and a social worker, who takes in all the humiliation and goes on helping till the end. If you want to what it really feels like to be a true social worker read this book, I will say this is a should read book. You will understand when you go through those pages. It has already hit the stores and is making its way towards the best sellers list, this book truly is a simple revelation of those events from her heart. Simply this book is a wonderful read.    


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