Satellite TV what is the real purpose???

Satellite TV

Hi everyone this post I'm writing after much thought, let me come straight to the point  if you are residing in TamilNadu and a regular traveler who uses the state transport buses then I'm sure you should have noted the new addition in the buses “A SATELLITE TV” which is displayed in a LCD screen. It displays a uniform program all over the state buses in TamilNadu, but I really couldn’t find any purpose in this setup I mean its just the same old stuff a mixture of old and new songs and a good amount time for advertisements. The bus itself is not in good condition but they have this system installed in it. I would rather prefer to improve the quality of  bus standards and consider in improving the customer satisfaction, look out everyone of the people out there is having a mobile phone, mp3 player or their own means of entertainment, so why is this system a necessary one??? Rather investing such a huge amount of money in a useless thing the people in state transport can think of something  to improve the feel of people using the service. Lets Hope this falls in the ears of the people involved !!!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah dude I agree with u. There r many other things to consider before going for this Luxury of Satellite TV. But I guess the buses in Tamil Nadu are far better than in Andhra Pradesh regarding the comfort and the bus fare. Let me explain. Recently,I travelled from Madurai to Coimbatore. The Bus was very simple,yet very convenient. The Road was excellent. I've to appreciate that. I enjoyed the journey like I never did before. Coming to Bus fare, it was around Rs.85. And the journey took around 5 hours. You know,in Andhra Pradesh it would cost Rs.160 for 4 hrs journey which I feel is too expensive. So I guess TNSTC is far better and customer-friendly than APSRTC. Anyway, I'm Satheesh Kumar doing my Final Year MBBS in Kurnool,Andhra Pradesh. But my native place is Madurai. And of course, Coimbatore is very much familiar to me and I often visit Coimbatore. By the way,Ur blog is nice. And Nice post too. I enjoyed reading some of ur posts. You can visit my blog if u wish. The following is the link.

Satheesh Kumar said...

Oh forgot to say...I found ur blog in the Indiblogger Directory. Nice Blog,indeed. Happy Blogging....

Anonymous said...

Hi Vaish,
Good Post. Our government buses never had things in the order they have to be. I too have observed this whenever I travel by the SETC and thought of posting about this. Every bus has Fans attached near the seats and I have never found them to have been operated. Very bad state of Tamil Nadu people.

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