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“Maturity is not when we start speaking BIG things, but it is    When we start understanding SMALL things”

Helping Hand

In this fast moving and completely industrialized world not only is the technology is developing but along with that diseases are also on the raise lots and lots of it, some are new without cure and the other are old ones with medicines to cure. But the problem here is people don’t have the facility to do that because they can’t afford such high cost surgeries and medicines. In order to avoid such conditions almost all major health care organizations are doing their part in philanthropy, on this accord I have found that two major health organizations in south India are doing their part to help out people in need. First is Meenakshi Mission Hospitals is organizing a “Dinner With Celebrity – Sneha” a fundraiser for CANCER patients, the ticket denominations are Rs 200 and Rs 500 and it is on April 10th, the tickets are available in all shops in Madurai where the hospital is located.

The other one is Vadamalayan Hospitals have started programme in which you can give the old newspapers in your home to the hospital, they will use the money out of it for helping heart patients in whichever way possible. So all you should have is a kind heart and willingness to help people, god has blessed us with good health not only to enjoy life but also to help other people who are in need of care. I have started my part with this post to spread this mission, I hope you too will do something towards this situation and let’s make the people and world around us a little more healthier !!!

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