It's Google again !!!

Guess what, here i'm surfing the net as usual when i hit the Google page i was kinda surprised by a weird looking doodle ( Google's term for its unique logos indicating a celebration for a particular day ). Forgetting the purpose why i went for that page i started exploring what it was and found out the following

 >> This logo is playable, yep you can play the game in real time !!
 >> This logo is the unique of its kind and its the first time Google comes up with this kind of logo !!
 >> This is for the 30th birthday of PAC MAN game created by NAMCO-BANDAI !!
 >> Guess wot this is not just a logo, this is full 255 level game, as in a typical coin-op !!
 >> This interactive doodle is the work of Marcin Wichary and Google Doodler Ryan germick !!

This is awesome rite, a real time game in a search page !! Learnt one thing today there is a position in Google Inc just for designing these doodles. I just can't imagine, how lucky these guys are !!!
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