Welcome Post !!

Its been so long that I have even thought of writing most of the times I’ll start writing and half way through I’ll question myself is this the right topic to start writing on and once I start asking myself any question then its most definitely DONE, having myself drafted quite a lot of posts now I decided to write fresh and DO the stuff which I have always loved to do..

Having got myself into the corporate world I’m going through a lot of changes new life style, friends at work, Bachelors life Hot smile yeah and a whole bunch of things that you can think of which can surround a newbie to the corporate world. And at times I’m proud of myself at how well I’m coping up with the big boys around and not allowing anything to get into my head. So taking this as my welcome drink here I go into my favorite world, you will have a variety of posts to read from on TRUST ME on this..And of course Merry X-Mas,Will catch up in a short while Fingers crossed

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