Lost And Found ( Not the same )

The day before I was going through my college snaps and there was this picture of me reading a book at 3 in the morning. I started thinking that is the time where I was into the reading so deeply into it. And now I hardly have time to read and half the time I fall asleep when I started reading, I was wondering within a few years how habits change and once my favorite past time was not my favorite anymore. But I do some useful stuff these days started learning Guitar, slowly decorating my place with the ideas I saw and love from movies and the places I have been.

And one thing is for sure when you start doing the things you love chuck out the part where you will think about what others say (cos from my experience what others said doesn’t count to at all) you will really feel something great. Rite now there are two things I loooooove doing Playing guitar (which I’ll completely lose track of time unknowingly) and the other is redecorating my place(as I have imagined it in my mind every time I visit some place). As times pass by some habits are lost and a new one is acquired. So stop thinking whether you can be successful if you do the stuff you love. The only thing you should be considering is DO I LOVE DOING THAT??? Then there’s no stopping, life’s too short for a perfect ending.

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